The winter olympic games have begun. It is amazing to see what the human body can achieve with consistent hard work and dedication. If you are like us and enjoy watching the games as a family, here are some ideas to bring the winter games to your very own living room and keep your kiddos active.

Ice Skating

Have your child practice their speed skating or figure skating skills with this fun indoor activity. Have your child skate around the house with each foot on a paper plate or a furniture slider or in tissue boxes. Have them practice their twists,  turns, and spins. 

Ice Skating at home!


Don’t throw away that amazon box. Have your child decorate their very own bobsled. Once they have produced a personalized sled, they can sit in the box and weight shift side to side as though they pretend they are racing down a winding track. Turn this into fun “heavy work” by having your children take turns pushing the other child in the box across the floor. Heavy work can be organizing for both the sensory and emotional regulation systems. Don’t have an empty cardboard box? Use a laundry basket instead.


Take out those furniture gliders again and have your child stand with one foot on each glider. Have them propel themselves forward with sliding their feet and using 2 pool noodles. You can even set up cones that they have to skate around or go in and out.


Place a pillow or wobble board on the floor and have your child assume the snowboarding position and have them rock back and forth and even touch their hand to the ground as if they are gliding down a snowy slope. Enhance the experience by playing a YouTube video in the perspective of someone snowboarding down a mountain

Watch some of the Olympic sports with your children and see what creative ideas they come up with to imitate the sports at home!

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