National Fairy Tale Day is this week so I thought it would be fun to ask our staff what their favorite fairy tale is to celebrate! Fairy Tales are such a fun and classic way to engage kids in reading and storytelling, and most of us have been hearing these stories since we were little kids ourselves.

What’s your favorite fairy tale? 

Joni: Peter Pan is her favorite. Joni says it’s her favorite because “she won’t grow up either and that’s why I play all day!”

Sue: Princess and the Pea! Sue says this gives her fond memories of being read to as a child! 

Wendy: Beauty and the Beast is her favorite because Belle shows that love goes beyond looks. 

Stephanie: Cinderella is Stephanie’s favorite fairy tale because she finds her perfect Prince Charming. 

Katie: My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast. I remember loving watching this movie growing up because Belle was so independent and loved to read (just like me as a kid!). Plus who didn’t want her gorgeous yellow/gold dress?

How are you celebrating National Fairy Tale day? We would love to know if you’re reading your favorite fairy tale to your kids or what their favorite fairy tale is! Let us know on Facebook @kidptnj or Instagram @Kidpt! 

February is heart month and here are some heart tips from us to you! Heart health is so important for all of us: from kids to adults alike. Our heart health affects all other systems in our body, including our ability to move our bodies. Keeping your heart healthy takes a good diet, regular exercise, and low stress levels. Here are some specific and easy tips to try!

  • Take your dog for a walk or walk regularly: low impact cardiovascular exercise such as walking is great for your heart health as well as your mental health. Since it is low impact and low stress on your body you are highly unlikely to get injured. 
  • Take the stairs: a classic tip to move your body more during the day and to easily get your heart pumping a little faster! 
  • Eat dark leafy greens: dark leafy greens, such as broccoli and spinach, are great for your cardiovascular health since they are high in iron. Iron is a mineral needed for our red blood cells. 
  • Sleep 8 hours every night: this is such a good tip for overall health but definitely helps heart health as it lowers stress levels and gives your body and mind time to rest and repair!
  • De-stress through fun hobbies: whether it is reading, painting, or talking to a good friend, finding a solid and regular way to let go of stress is so important for heart health! 
  • Smile and Laugh: smiling and laughing are great ways to release happy chemicals in our brains that combat stress and can in turn improve heart health! So next time your kid tells you a funny joke, thank them for keeping your heart healthy!

I hope you enjoyed these heart health tips! Don’t forget to wear red this month to support heart health month! What are some other ways you keep your heart healthy? We would love to know what you do!