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Some of the most fun things to do in the winter with your family are winter sports! I know I always loved skiing down a snowy, snowy slope, surrounded by evergreen trees and breathing in that crisp fresh air. There really is nothing better! The beautiful, outdoor, family fun should be enjoyable and accessible for all families, and it is! Not only can able bodied individuals go skiing or snowboarding this winter, but families with parents or kiddos who have a disability can too. It turns out, there are adaptive sports programs all over the Northeast for you and your children to participate in and we wanted to give you the list:

New York:

Windham Mountain Resort, Windham, NY

The Adaptive Sports Foundation runs its program through Windham Mountain Resort in New York. They pilot a program that gives children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities as well as individuals with chronic illness the ability to experience winter sports and create a new, empowered identity for themselves! They offer both skiing and snowboarding lessons and instruction and most of their services are currently outdoor only.

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Camelback Mountain, Tannersville, PA

Camelback Mountain is also a great option and not too far of a drive from Middlesex, Mercer, or Somerset counties. Their adaptive winter sports program is run through the Pennsylvania Center for Adapted Sports and they offer skiing lessons to individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities as well from specially trained staff and volunteers. They specify that they want their skiers to become as independent as possible so they can continue to ski with friends and family if possible following instruction. 

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Whitetail Resort, Mercersburg, PA

Whitetail Resort houses another highly acclaimed adaptive winter sports program called Two Top Mountain. They provide year round education and training of sports to disabled veterans and any disabled child or adult who is interested in learning a new sport!  They state that they create a fun atmosphere and experiences which build confidence and self esteem for all participants. They offer both skiing and snowboarding in the Winter.

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New Hampshire:

Bretton Woods Ski Resort and Loon Mountain, NH

New England Disabled Sports, Bretton Woods Ski Resort and Loon Mountain, NH

This program has adaptive alpine skiing (downhill skiing), cross country skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. Their website also shows all the different adaptive snow sport equipment options and explains how and why they are used!

Find more information about their program here:

AbilityPLUS, Attitash and Wildcat, NH

This adaptive sports program offers Alpine Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, and snowshoeing. AbilityPLUS also offers special adaptive equipment, like a mono-ski and one-on-one instruction. They offer classes to individuals with physical disabilities and individuals with Autism. Their program venues can be found in Attitash, NH and Wildcat, NH.

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Mount Snow, West Dover, VT

Parents rave about Mount Snow’s adaptive skiing program for it’s specialized and affordable adaptive ski, snowboard, and snowshoeing instruction in the winter months.The organization that runs their Adaptive skiing and snowboarding program is called Adaptive Sports at Mount Snow (Adaptive at Snow for short). The program is run by a Special Olympics Ski coach and a Recreational Therapist certified in adaptive skiing with many volunteers who aid in facilitating the overall snow sport experience. 

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Smugglers Notch, Jeffersonville, VT

Smuggler’s Notch Adaptive Program also has great parent reviews with reports of caring staff members and an excellent program experience. They offer adaptive skiing and snowboarding single and group lessons that cater to first time learners or individuals who are more experienced at adaptive snow sports. They have the resources to provide two instructors to one student based on need and work with children and adults with both physical and cognitive disabilities. 

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We hope all of our families have so much fun and stay safe while hitting the slopes this winter. As many of these programs state, skiing and snowboarding are for everyone and we hope that you and your child get to experience the fun of winter sports if your family is interested.

Info for adaptive programs found at the resources below. Click to read more recommendations for Adaptive Snow Programs:

Here at Kid PT, we have compiled a list of our favorite toys that promote gross motor skills and development. We strongly believe that the effectiveness of exercise, movement, and learning is always amplified when combined with joy. As each child is unique, consider your child’s strengths and preferences to pick gifts that excite them. The age ranges listed below are recommendations not rules. Happy shopping!

0-6 months:

1. Love Every Play Kit Subscription: This is a great gift for parents and baby as each month you will receive age appropriate activities and well made toys to play with your child at each stage of development. 

2.Rainmaker: So much sensory fun with this toy with stimulating sounds and bright colors. This promotes visual motor skills, cause and effect, visual tracking, grasping, hands to midline, and overall movement.

3.Hands and Feet Rattles: This toy promotes bringing feet and hands together in midline, hand eye coordination, body mapping, and core strength and endurance.

 4. Oball with Rattle: The easy to grasp design is well suited for little ones as it promotes hands to midline, hand eye coordination, gaze stabilization, core activation, visual tracking, and motivation to perform gross motor skills of tummy time, rolling, sitting, and play on their backs.

5. Curious Baby Activity Cards: Another great gift for both parents and baby are these activity cards. They provide education on how baby is developing at each age and age appropriate activities to further promote development. The kit also includes high contrast image cards to promote newborn visual development and can be used to motivate visual tracking and tummy time. 

6. Baby Play Gym Activity Mat: A play gym provides babies with motivation to move and explore their environment.

7. Tummy Time Play Mat: This play mat includes various textures, high contrast images, crinkle material, and a removable mirror. These features promote movement, exploration of the environment, reaching with arms, weight shifts, pivoting, and floor mobility.

8. Tummy Time Floor Mirror and High Contrast Images: This mirror and picture display is another great addition to tummy time. It promotes motivation to stay in tummy time to develop strength and endurance in their core, shoulders, and hips while also developing vision, body awareness, gaze stabilization, and overall movement.

9.Suction Toys: Suction toys are versatile as they can be secured to the floor, mirrors, tables, feeding trays, or the bathtub wall. They are incredible motivators for our babies in tummy time, sitting, and standing by promoting reaching, hand eye coordination, cause and effect, weight shifts, and balance reactions. 

6-12 months

1. Sensory Tissue Box: This toy is filled with “tissues” of different textures, colors, and patterns. This is a great toy to promote movement especially while sitting and standing. As your child pulls the tissues out of the box, it develops their core and extensor strength, balance, weight shifts, and hand eye coordination.

2.  Stacking Cups: Gift this baby development staple as it promotes cognitive, fine motor, and hand eye coordination skills. It also promotes motivation while performing gross motor skills in tummy time, supine, sitting, and standing.

3.Climb and Crawl Set: These large blocks are versatile as they can be used for hand support in tall kneeling, pull to standing, and as obstacles to creep over. This targets strength and stability of the core and hip muscles. 

4. Drum Shape Sorter: This toy targets so many aspects of development including cognition, object permanence, hand eye coordination, and movement. This is a perfect height to promote upright sitting and is also a fun task to promote weight shifts, reaching, and balance in standing.

5.Little Balance Box: Standard baby walkers can be distracting and unsteady due to the wheels, which can impact the motivation to walk and also the quality of walking. This balance box was designed by a PT to provide a moveable, semi-stable surface to promote standing balance and supported walking. We often recommend using household items of chairs, boxes, and laundry baskets instead of standard baby walkers and this balance box was designed for just that. 

12-36 months

1. Curious Toddler Activity Cards: Fear not, Curious baby also provides development and activity cards for your toddler.  

2. Rody Horse: A great toy that provides proprioceptive and vestibular input, a full body workout, and also challenges sitting balance.

3.Pull Toy: This pull toy combines shape sorting, stimulating sounds, and gross motor fun. 

4. Squigz: Squigz are a clinic favorite from our babies to our school aged children. They are versatile as they can suction to walls, mats, windows, mirrors, hard surfaces, and other squigz. They challenge fine motor skills and can be incorporated in balance and obstacle course activities.

5. Corn Popper Push Toy and Bulldozer Push Toy: These highly motivating push toys make exploring the environment stimulating and fun. It challenges a child’s coordination to navigate the push toy forward and around obstacles and turns.

6. Walker Wagon: Have your little one push their toys around the block to promote strength and endurance with this fun wagon walker.

7. Broom and Mop Set: This fun pretend play set promotes core strength, coordination, and balance.

3-5 years

1. Balance Bike: Ditch the idea of using training wheels. Have your child learn how to balance and coordinate weight shifts by using a balance bike prior to training on a bike with pedals. 

2.Hedge Hog Balance Pods: These stepping stones provide countless opportunities for fun by using them with obstacle courses, pretend play, and exercise for the whole family. They promote strength, stability, coordination, and balance.  

3. Mini Basketball Hoop: This works on ball skills, hand eye coordination, visual motor skills, and can be incorporated into obstacle courses.

4. Mini Trampoline with Railing: Trampolines help with developing coordination, power, core and leg strength, jumping skills, balance, and endurance.

5. Rocket Launcher: This is a beloved toy at the clinic as our kiddos take such joy in launching the rockets as far as possible. This promotes single limb balance, strength, coordination, and jumping skills.

6. Pop the Pig: This is a great game to activate and strengthen the core while pushing down with both hands on the pig’s head. It can also be incorporated into obstacles and balance activities.

7. Climber and Slide Play Set: The climbing portions promote core and hip strength and the slide activates the vestibular system.

5 years and up:

1. BoBo Balance Core Trainer: This is a visual feedback device that can be connected to a phone or ipad that challenges core strength, balance, coordination, and visual motor skills. It is versatile as you can use it in varied positions with your arms, both legs, or just one leg. The challenges include mazes, snowboarding, sledding, submarining, and so much more.

2. Wooden Wobble Balance Board– The balance board challenges core and hip strength, coordination, and balance. You can also turn it over and it can act as a little bridge.

3. Hyperdash: Hyperdash has both individual or group player modes that challenge coordination, response time, and speed. 

4. Roller Skates: Roller skates are a great gadget that challenges coordination, endurance, balance, and single limb stance. 

5. Zoom Ball– This is a great activity that challenges visual motor skills, coordination, core strength, and postural control.

6. Bike: A bike is a classic toy that promotes strength, balance, coordination, and endurance. It is a great way to keep kids active throughout the year.

We hope these ideas were helpful to you and your family! If you have any favorites share them with us in the comments!