September 18-24 is Balance Awareness Week!

Balance is something that most people take for granted. It is our constant companion working in the background as we go through our day.  We don’t think about it until something goes wrong!!!  

Try our Balance Awareness Week Challenge to understand how many people with imbalance or dizziness feel everyday.

Imagine if that was the imbalance that you felt while you brushed your teeth, walked down the street, or sat in class trying to learn.

In our inner ears lives a powerful system that connects to our brains and contributes to our sense of balance and our ability to see clearly as we walk around.  This is called the vestibular system.  Vestibular problems can cause vertigo, dizziness and  balance problems.  If we have a problem with our balance, everything else is affected!  Learning, attention, and independence is all impacted by our sense of balance.

Learn more about the Sense of Balance and the sensational team that contributes! 

The good news is that we can improve our balance and decrease dizziness no matter if we’re 5 or 105! Your local physical therapist can help! To learn more about dizziness, check out this amazing resource.

Try one of these series of exercise progression. Start out with the basic exercises and move on from there. Initially, do the standing exercises in the corner of the room or put one hand on a counter top. Once they become easy, try one of these progressions: close your eyes, count by 7’s or list towns in your state.  By taking away vision and adding in a cognitive task, you can really put your balance to the test!








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