Intensive Physical Therapy for Children

Children learn best by repeating things over and over again.  Children with neuro-motor disorders need even MORE practice and repetition to learn skills.

Children are often seen 1 or 2 times a week for physical therapy.  Imagine the changes your child could make by focusing on a new skill every day for a few weeks!

Highlights of our intensive program:

  • Total Motion Release: the most powerful therapy approach that can change the body in minutes!
  • The Universal Exercise Unit (aka Spider Cage), which provides a dynamic supportive system to build new skills and explore movement while having FUN!
  • Treadmill Plus Program to get eyes, ears and body teamed up!

Intensive Physical Therapy offer a “boot camp” type of experience to jump start a child’s skills when initiating therapy or for children who are looking to springboard beyond their current abilities.  Summer and school breaks are a perfect time to take this opportunity.

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