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Keeping Calm During Back to School

As we are finally back to school, it is important to also acknowledge and address the stress that may accompany a return to the school environment. Any transition to a new setting can be stressful, especially for children with disabilities. The combination of an unfamiliar environment, interactions with peers, classroom expectations, unpredictability, reduced control, change […]

Learning and Moving Together

Do you know what is more fun than learning new school concepts while sitting at a desk…? Learning while on the MOVE! Sometimes combining movement with learning helps kids learn faster if they function better while on the go. This is especially so if your kiddo is a mover and a shaker and loves being […]

Back to Sitting at School!

by Dr. Ali We are always hearing about “good posture” and how important it is for us. We hear “sit up straight” and “don’t slouch” often, whether you are saying it to your kiddo or you hear another parent or a teacher saying it to another kiddo. What is never partnered with these phrases is […]

Back to School: Backpack Shopping

It is almost back to school time! You must have a lot of things on your plate between enjoying the last few glory days of the summer and also preparing for the start of a new school year. So we have made it easy for you with a quick guide of things to consider when […]

Summer Buggin’ Moves

by Dr. Ali This week we are going to get BUGGY! There are two different types of people out there, those who think bugs are really cool and helpful and those who think bugs are the scariest beings to walk on earth. Although bugs may not be some people’s favorite things, there are so many […]

The Amazing Therapeutic Benefits of the Water

It is SUMMERTIME and with summer comes many fun outdoor activities. One of these is Swimming! Swimming is great for any kiddos who have low tone, neuromuscular conditions that affect movement strength or control, and for conditions that affect one’s joints. For any child who falls in one of the diagnostic categories listed above, moving […]

Playground Gross Motor and Coordination Activities

There are many fun activities your child can do on the playground to help facilitate gross motor development, develop coordination skills, and increase overall body strength. Below are just some examples of how to do this to get you started: Playground Stairs & Ramps: Many playgrounds are equipped with a set of stairs that take […]

Sunshine Summer Moves

Happy JUNE! June is in full swing and with this fun Summer month comes warmth, and lots of SUNSHINE! To celebrate this sunny month, here are three fun in the sun exercises to get ready for summer! Yay! The Sunbeam Stretch: Start with your body in a little ball and streeeeetch up tall toward the […]