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The Benefits of Yoga for You and Your Child

by Katherine Maloney, DPT Yoga has gained a lot of attention in the last few years and it’s easy to see why. There are so many benefits to doing yoga, for your body and your mind. Yoga can be good for you, your kids, and the whole family together! Plus it’s never too young to […]

Fun NJ Fall Activities for Everyone!

by Katherine Maloney, DPT With it officially being Fall, I thought it would be fun to talk about some of our (the Kid PT Staff’s) favorite fall activities! Not only will we be sharing our favorite fall activities but where you can go do them too.  Joni did not have to think hard when I […]

Tummy Time

by Anjali Fortna, PT, DPT What is Tummy Time? “Tummy time” is the time during the day that an infant spends on his or her tummy. Because it is typically recommended that a baby sleep flat on her back during all naps and overnight sleep, it is important to give baby time in other positions […]


by Wendy Canary, PT “A parent’s job is never done!” SO true! A parent changes ‘hats’ all day long…chef, chauffeur, calendar keeper, housekeeper, personal assistant… the list of all the things we do in a day can go on and on.  One of the most important roles we have as parents is teacher. Children watch […]

It’s Summer! Let’s Play!

by Wendy Canary, PT School is over and summer days are in full swing!  These months will make childhood memories of endless days, free time and fun!  Summer playtime is important not only for decompressing and relaxing but also for development.  Outside play builds up strength, coordination, balance and endurance. Let’s look at some fun […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Check out my video on working smarter, not harder! This approach works whether a child is learning how to sit, stand or hop. Any time there is a difference in strength or ability between the two sides of the body, it is a window in to make change. To make change happen much FASTER, we […]

Screen Time Guidelines for Parents

by Anjali Fortna, PT, DPT In a world of cable television, Netflix, and Youtube, it’s easier than ever to find programming for children of all ages. But how much TV is too much TV for kids? In April, the World Health Organization (WHO) released new guidelines for screen time and sedentary behavior for kids under […]

Sleep Tips for Children with Autism

The autism spectrum refers to a set of neurodevelopmental disorders assessed by a scale of social, communication, and behavioral impairments. Children experiencing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) face many challenges, including issues with their sleep which are particularly challenging. Anywhere from 44 to 83 percent of children with ASD experience some form of significant sleep disturbance. […]

The “L” Word

There’s one word that drives me the craziest when it comes to how adults view a child with a disability and it’s the “L” word! What is the “L” word??? L-A-Z-Y I have heard toddlers with low tone, students with developmental coordination disorder and teenagers with muscular dystrophy all called this ONE word. There’s one […]