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The Magic of Learning to Ride A Bike

Spring is here despite the ever-changing weather we have been having!  My younger daughter, Sophie, just mastered the 2-wheeler and now ALL she wants to do is ride her bike.  So lately we’ve been out bike riding every chance we get (when its not raining, well, even in the rain sometimes!) We often just get […]

To Worry or Not To Worry, That is the Question!

Ok, who am I kidding?!  Us Moms all worry, but the question is when to worry and then put it aside and when to get some extra help. Every child develops along their own timeline.  It can be challenging to watch your child having a harder time developing their skills compared to other children their […]

This Week I Got the Flu

This week I got the flu. Not fun for anyone, I know. Then I started to feel better, awesome.   But then I started to feel dizzy, crap.  Some of you know about my history of vestibular (inner ear) disorders that caused me years of dizziness. I’ve solved this dizzy problem (yay!), so why was […]

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Cyberbullying

Please welcome back our guest blogger, Janice Russell, of Parenting Disasters,  for a very important topic.  As parents, it can be hard to keep up with the changing technologies and how it can affect our children.  Here’s a good place to get started. Cyberbullying can be a scary subject for most parents. While we can […]

Why Won’t My Child Slow Down and Use An Inside Voice?!

Small, Tall, Big and Small From a young age, children are introduced to opposites.  From children’s books to playtime, opposites are a fun theme with great vocabulary and concepts.  From a developmental perspective, we are showing our kids how to recognize differences in the world and in ourselves. Our perceptions and the decisions we make […]

Sleep: Guidelines, Troubles and Solutions

Sleep, glorious, sleep! With the back to school routines getting back in gear, many families are having to adjust their children’s sleep schedules. Sleep is so important to development and learning.  We wanted to share some great resources to help you figure out  how much sleep your children needs, how to solves common sleep problems, […]

Our Balance Challengers Rocked Their Flamingo Poses!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Balance Awareness Week 2018 Challenge!   If you haven’t tried it, can you stand on one foot and say or spell FLAMINGO??? We still have some flamingo prizes left for anyone who shares a photo or video of you or your family doing the challenge! The Vestibular Disorders […]