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  • At Kid PT, our specialized pediatric physical therapists work with children of all ages with developmental delays in Somerset County and beyond.
  • We work with babies who need a boost to meet their milestones, toddlers who need help with balance and gross motor play and school age children who are trying to keep up with their friends.
  • We work with children with developmental delays who are diagnosed with low tone, neurological disorders and genetic disorders and we also work with children with developmental delays who don’t have a diagnosis.  Regardless, our physical therapists treat the child and not the diagnosis.  Our physical therapists get to the source of the child’s challenges and use movement and play to guide each child on their path to meet their personal potential. 

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Dr. Joni is a published author and her advice to parents of children with developmental challenges has been consumed all over the world by both parents and colleagues. She literally “wrote the book” on how parents can help their children reach their own personal potential. Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Building Blocks is essential reading for parents looking for solutions to help their children be all they can be.


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