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“We help children with developmental challenges move and learn better to become more confidentindependent and live their best lives!”

“I give Kid PT 5 stars for providing KJ with so much progress over the past 12 weeks that I could never imagine without Carol’s assistance! Everyone at Kid PT is invested in not just the child, but the family! I would recommend Kid PT to parents with children that need fine motor tuning and sensory exposure. KJ loves Kid PT!” -Jessica


Occupational therapy at Kid PT is designed to help children improve their fine motor, sensory processing and ability to participate in daily activities from play to learning!  Our therapists focus on empowering parents to practice these new skills at home to lead to increased CONFIDENCE, INDEPENDENCE and SUCCESS in everyday life!!!



“I was quite overwhelmed after my son was diagnosed with ASD and Kid PT was the first place we found without a wait list. My son worked with Marjorie and instantly made a connection with her. He made so much progress at home and in preschool within a few weeks! I definitely recommend Kid PT!” -Dana

If you are worried about your child’s development, contact us here or Call/Text us at 908-543-4390 to learn more.

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