Welcome to Kid PT. Let me introduce myself!

My name is Dr. Joni and I opened my practice in 2016 with one goal in mind. To be able to serve the families in my community by giving them the highest quality of care in an atmosphere where children felt comfortable, valued, connected, and full of joy.

I opened my practice, wrote my book, and mentor therapists to spread the word that getting to the foundation of problems is the key to improve children’s abilities. For many years I saw children struggling with motor, social, or communication skills, only to find that they were missing foundational skills (AKA the building blocks of development!) that I could address in physical therapy and then children would progress even quicker in occupational therapy.

I learned this in my own medical odyssey after dealing with over a decade of misdiagnosis for my dizziness and vision problems. After finding the right specialist (and I had seen many many “experts” over the years), I found the correct diagnosis and the correct treatment.

I see the same need in our children with developmental challenges. Whether the child has seen many different specialists or this is the first time you are seeking our help, you want to get to the right cause of the problems as soon as possible. Identifying the right cause leads you so much quicker to the right solution. It also leads our kids to find as much resolution to their problem as possible, rather than relying on simply hard work and compensatory strategies.

With the right foundations (AKA Building Blocks), children can breakthrough limitations and explore that they CAN do.

Another value that Kid PT is built on is neurodiversity affirming care, where each child’s interests, strengths, and communication style is valued, respected, and built on.

With these goals and values, myself and my team at Kid PT work with parents throughout Somerset County and beyond to find solutions to help each child achieve their own personal potential.

We offer Specialized Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy services for children with developmental challenges, including: