Winter break is coming up and I know outside of the family festivities you are going to have some time that you’re going to look for ways to keep the kids busy! Here are some fun (and EASY!) crafts that the kids will love. We would love to see the finished products!

  1. Paper Roll Snowman

In order to make a paper roll snowman you will need a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll, white paint or white paper, colored paper, a black marker, scissors and glue. First, cover the roll with white paint or white paper. Second, cut a strip of paper to make a scarf and a nose for the snowman. Glue the scarf just above the center of the roll, draw the face and glue the nose.

  1. Handprint Penguin 

The supplies needed to make a handprint penguin are: white felt, black construction paper, orange construction paper, and googly eyes. To begin, trace your hand on the black construction paper and cut it out. Next, use a round object, such as a cup, to trace the white felt and cut out a circle for the belly. Glue the belly to the center of the hand penguin. Use the orange construction paper to make a nose for the penguin. Lastly, glue the eyes and nose onto your penguin. 

  1. Hot Chocolate Mug

To make a hot chocolate mug you will need construction paper, brown paint, white pom poms, and stickers. First cut out a square and a c shape and glue them together to make your mug. Next paint the top brown so it looks like hot chocolate. Put pom poms on the brown paint to resemble marshmallows. Use stickers to decorate. 

  1. Paper Plate Polar Bear

Before you make a paper plate polar bear make sure you have paper plates, cotton balls, glue, white and black paper, and scissors. Cover the plate with glue and then cover with cotton balls. Cut out two circles from the white paper to make the ears. Use the black construction paper to create the face. 

  1. Popsicle Stick Snowflake

Glue four popsicle sticks in the shape of a snowflake. Use any paint, markers, stickers, or pom poms to decorate your snowflake.

Happy happy holidays and happy crafting!!!

With the holidays right around the corner we know that finding the best toys to gift your kids is important. We have gathered our favorite PT-approved toys to keep your kids moving all year long! 

For Balance and Coordination:

Scooter: a classic that works single leg balance and strength!

Balance bike: a fun transitional toy, this can be especially good if your kid has an older sibling or cousin who is riding a big bike! 

Balance Beam: a great indoor toy that you can do all kinds of different balance activities on, you can even work on ball skills like throwing and catching up here!

Super soft pogo stick: this toy takes a lot of coordination and balance but it is perfect for indoor use compared to traditional pogo sticks!

Balance Board: with this toy you can work on balance skills and pretend play by having your kid imagine they are on a boat, surfboard, skateboard… the possibilities are endless!

Wheel Walker: pretend to train for the circus with these toy that is used to learn how to ride a unicycle! A great indoor or outdoor toy!

Indoor Stilts: another circus training toy! These stilts a great for balance and coordination and can be used all year long!

T-Stool: a great seating alternative to work balance and core strength!

Hedgehog Balance Pods: great to incorporate into an obstacle course or for pretend play (the floor is lava right?) this toy is great for indoor and outdoor play and can even help with sensitive feet!

Sturdy Birdy: a fun game to work on different balance positions in a little bit more competitive way! This is a great game for everyone in the family!

For Ball Skills

Velcro Ball: a fun way to work on hand-eye coordination and ball skills

Knobby Balls: These are great, soft balls to learn catching, throwing, and kicking with.

Mini Basketball hoop: a great way to start working on various ball skills and hand eye coordination! This version is perfect for indoors so it can be played with year round!

Portable Soccer Net: this is another great indoor option! You can use the knobby balls listed above or any other soft ball to work on kicking skills! This can also help with balance!

Target Game: this is a great way to work on tossing and hand eye coordination in a fun way! This toy is great for indoor and outdoor.

Throw and Catch Cup: another classic game that works on general ball skills and really works hand-eye coordination!

Bulzibucket: a great way to work on tossing and hand-eye coordination in a fun and different way! Bonus: this toy can even be used in the pool next Summer!

Spider Ring Toss: a fun twist on the classic ring toss! You can even incorporate some of the balance toys from above for an added challenge.

For Endurance

Bike/Tricycle: another classic, a bike for the holidays is a great way to build healthy habits for life!

Jump Rope: a good alternative to use in a bigger room during the winter when it’s too cold to go outside 

HyperDash: another great indoor game! This game you can set up targets all over and even make an obstacle course. Plus it’s timed so your kid will be motivated to get their heart rate up!

Roller Skates: roller skates are great to work on single leg balance and endurance

Indoor Obstacle Course: take inspiration from American Ninja Warrior and get your kid moving indoors this winter! This toy can work on endurance, balance, and overall gross motor skills!

Super Stretchy ABC game: this game is great for flexibility and core strengthening! And it’s a fun indoor game for anyone to play!

Bouncy Ball with Handle: this is a great way to get out some energy inside while working leg muscles, core strength, and coordination!

Exercise Dice: a fun interactive way to do a variety of exercises that kids of all ages will enjoy!

Zoom Ball: a great way to work those back and posture muscles. With kids sitting in school all day and using computers so much this is a great way to help with posture.

Mini Trampoline:

a great way to burn off some of that extra energy when you can’t go outside! This will also work on leg and core strength!

For Fine Motor Skills

Squigz: these are so much fun and really work on grasp and fine motor skills. You can incorporate these into balance or obstacle course too!

Wooden Puzzles: a final classic that never goes out of style. They even make cool puzzles that make noises too!

Spike the Hedgehog: This toy can be incorporated into a gross motor activity by making an obstacle course or can be used on its own to work on fine motor grasp and hand eye coordination skills! We use this all the time at our office!

Lite-Brite: another classic that you can’t go wrong with! Work fine motor skills and creativity with this toy!

Catching and Feeding Game: another clinic favorite of ours! Use fine motor skills, incorporate into an obstacle course or balance activity, and learn about how magnets work all in one toy!

Bee to Hive Matching game: work on fine grasp tasks and color matching in this fun bumble bee toy!

Matching Eggs: another fine motor and matching game! This is a great and fun toy for younger kids and can easily be incorporated into a balance skill or obstacle course!

Mr. Potato Head: another classic, this toy works fine motor and imaginative play all in one!

Kinetic Sand: an alternative to playdough that works fine motor, creativity, and exposes your kid to a different sensory experience for their hands.

Did you find any great toys for your kids this year? Share them with us and well pass it on!!!