Sensory Motor Integration for Life & Education

A Movement Based Approach

Developmental Delays? Clumsy?  Learning disability?  Reading trouble?  Processing challenges?

Learn how movement can affect all areas of development and be empowered to help your child ELIMINATE BARRIERS and BUILDS CONNECTIONS so that wellness and developmental skills can take off naturally and spontaneously.

Introducing SMILE : Sensory Motor Integration for Life and Education, a physical therapy approach designed to build the core foundations of movement that a child needs for learning and daily life.

This approach applies the concepts of Total Motion Release (TMR) and Dynamic Core for Kids to achieve postural balance, alignment, and core activation.  Vestibular Rehabilitation strategies and the TAAP Visual-Motor Treadmill Program integrates the postural and sensory systems to improve coordination, attention, and learning abilities.

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Every Child Matters at Kid PT

At Kid PT we value giving every child the experience and joy of performing active movement with a focus on ability.  We work to give each child the experience of maximizing their sensory and motor development to be able to explore and participate fully in their world.  We believe in giving every child the experience and joy of connecting with others through movement, as movement is the foundation for social interaction.  We strive to give every parent knowledge of their child’s motor needs and the ability to create and monitor skills and progress outside of therapy sessions.

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