Sensory Motor Integration for Life & Education

A Systematic and Holistic Approach

Introducing SMILE : Sensory Motor Integration for Life and Education, a physical therapy approach designed to build the core foundations of movement a child needs to gain the advanced development skills for learning and daily life. SMILE works as a three stage sequence of increasing sensory-motor complexity to strengthen the core foundations of movement.  As a child advances through the three stages of  ALIGN, ACTIVATE and INTEGRATE, development skills advance with more spontaneity and greater ease.

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Every Child Matters at Kid PT

At Kid PT we value giving every child the experience and joy of performing active movement with a focus on ability.  We work to give each child the experience of maximizing their sensory and motor development to be able to explore and participate fully in their world.  We believe in giving every child the experience and joy of connecting with others through movement, as movement is the foundation for social interaction.  We strive to give every parent knowledge of their child’s motor needs and the ability to create and monitor skills and progress outside of therapy sessions.

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