Happy Valentine’s Day 2022! This year let’s use Valentine’s Day as a day (5 minutes, 1 hour, whatever you got!!!) to give yourself some LOVE!!!

We know parents are busier than every before and life continues to be unpredictable and filled with curve balls. That’s why we’re here to remind to to practice some self-care for show yourself some love.

Here are some ideas for you! See what speaks to you and try to squeak one into your day this Monday.

  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Read a book or find a book club to join (with so many more virtual options these days, there are many virtual book club options! There’s even a Somerville/Bridgewater book club on Facebook that you could join).
  3. Meditate. I got started by setting a timer initially for 5 minutes. Start small and build a practice. Its such a gift to give yourself a quiet mind each day.
  4. Take a screen break. Choose a period of time and put away all the screens for a while. You choose how to use that time.
  5. Yoga; find a 15 minute yoga flow on YouTube and try it out.
  6. Dance it out. Play your favorite song and just move!
  7. Blast your favorite song! Turn off Cocomelon and put on YOUR favorite song. Belt it out!
  8. Use some essential oils to give your nose a happy little moment.
  9. Call a friend. Sometimes we sacrifice our friendships while being busy in our lives. Reach out to a friend and enjoy that connection.
  10. Buy yourself some chocolate and enjoy!

I hope this list got you brainstorming about a small part of your day that can be focused on YOU. You are worth it and some self love will help you be your best self for your family too!

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