Connect & Play this summer!

Connect and Play is a transformational experience that provides autistic and neurodivergent children an immersive therapeutic experience to ACCELERATE their development and maximize their POTENTIAL.

IMAGINE the opportunity to improve your child’s quality of life for the next 12 months and beyond.

This 5 day experience can do just that.

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Your child will jump out of bed every morning with excitement to come see us.

Our neuro-affirming program is committed to these values: The Program This immersive half-day program is designed for neurodivergent children ages 4-10 to ACCELERATE growth and potential this summer.

Each child will have a tailored therapeutic program built on their interests, strengths, and learning style consisting of speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy that supports communication and play.

Snack time as a group and enrichment sessions will be held Monday through Thursday to allow your child to experience and make connections with their environment and each other in a fun and multi-sensory way.

Enrichment sessions will include yoga, music, art and drum circle.

All activities will be supported by specialized speech, occupational and physical therapists to be able to individualize and support each child’s regulation, communication and emotional needs throughout the morning.

Each week will include a Friday Family Day at a farm to generalize all the new skills your child has learned while having together!

We will be there to support parents on how to navigate new, novel and everyday situations and form stronger connections as a family.

Activities will include therapeutic horseback riding, goat, donkey and cow grooming and petting, tractor rides and exploring the farm.

Program sessions are 1 week long and are offered July 10-August 4 for 2023.

Children are invited to join us for as few as 1 week or as many as 4 weeks to jumpstart their growth and development this summer!

Learn More About A Whole Body Approach to Learning, Living, and Communicating below.

The webinar below was given by Farwa Husain, CCC-SLP and Dr. Joni Redlich, DPT to a community of parents, speech language pathologists and teachers who wanted to understand better the power of teaching children the way they learn to ACCELERATE development and maximize GROWTH & POTENTIAL.

Connect & Play will take these concepts and put them into action during this immersive program.

Think of the change your child can make towards their potential this summer!

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