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Jumping Into Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today, we are going to keep it short and sweet! We know you are all probably having a blast sharing sweet messages with friends and family and eating chocolate, but you know what else is fun?! Valentine’s Day themed exercises, that’s what!! So become the best Cupid you can be today and […]

Gross Motor Milestone Fact Sheet

If you’re reading this post, it is probably because you have a really little guy or girl at home and are curious about how they should be developing as they grow through their first year. There are many sources out there that say a lot of different things, and you might feel like some have […]

Can Breathing Make You Stronger?!

If you know what Physical Therapists do, you know one of the big things we focus on are MUSCLES! I’m sure you have heard all about your glutes and your abdominal muscles, but there is one group of muscles you may not have heard that much about, because it gets a little neglected sometimes. These […]

Ringing In the CALM This New Year

Happy New Year! We all know what ringing in the new year means, new goals and shiny aspirations! We all hope that with the shift into a new year, we will be able to do things we haven’t done before, reach new heights, and achieve our dreams. With all of our heads in the clouds, […]

Thanksgiving Fun for the Family

by Dr. Ali Happy November! When we think of November, we always think of good food and family fun! But with November usually comes a changing season and decreasing temperatures too! We understand how tricky it is to be a parent during these hard and strange times, and one concern we often hear, especially now, […]

The Wednesday Workout: Push Up Power!

This week’s workout theme is a Push Up Power! Try out these three moves and see if you can create a few more of your own! Movement is always fun, but to build better control we need to keep our awareness on the quality of our movement. Can we move slow and fast? Can we […]