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Sleep: Guidelines, Troubles and Solutions

Sleep, glorious, sleep! With the back to school routines getting back in gear, many families are having to adjust their children’s sleep schedules. Sleep is so important to development and learning.  We wanted to share some great resources to help you figure out  how much sleep your children needs, how to solves common sleep problems, […]

Our Balance Challengers Rocked Their Flamingo Poses!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Balance Awareness Week 2018 Challenge!   If you haven’t tried it, can you stand on one foot and say or spell FLAMINGO??? We still have some flamingo prizes left for anyone who shares a photo or video of you or your family doing the challenge! The Vestibular Disorders […]

Let’s Play!

by Wendy Canary, PT Play!  Hearing this word may bring up a million different pictures in your head.  Maybe you think of a baseball game or a mound of clumsy puppies rough housing or a baby giggling at a game of peek-a boo.  No matter what the age or species, play time is an important […]

Swimming, Swimming in the Swimming Pool!

Summer is the time to swim and the therapeutic benefits are endless to playing and moving in the pool.  Many children who have difficulty controlling their bodies for sports and gross motor activities will have success moving in the water.  Hip hip hooray for creating positive movement experiences to build confidence! But seriously, there is […]

The #1 Secret to Crossing the Midline

Have you heard the term “crossing midline”?  It is one of those phrases thrown around a lot from pediatric physical and occupational therapists.  We will often tell parents that their child needs to practice crossing the midline. So what is it??? The midline is the center of your body. In this instance, we’re talking about […]

Physio Baby Wellness Visits

There are many benefits a parent can gain from spending some time together with a pediatric PT and their baby.  Put down a blanket and relax on the floor with baby, while exploring various topics with an expert.  We know how difficult it can be to get out of the house with a baby, so […]