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Torticollis is a condition that can make the start of your baby’s life a challenge – with difficulty sleeping, self-soothing, and feeding.

But in this article, you can learn about a cuddle-friendly, tear-free torticollis treatment that has worked wonders for the parents, and baby’s at our specialist New Jersey clinic.

What Is Torticollis?

Torticollis is like an uninvited guest that disrupts your child’s early journey. It’s marked by a persistent tilt or turn of the head, and it can wreak havoc on their development.

You might also notice that your child hates tummy time, and has an uneven head shape due to the constant pressure on one particular area.

But don’t worry; you’re not alone in this.

Many parents like you face the same challenges, and there are natural, safe, and proven treatments for torticollis.

The “Wait and See” and “Do It Yourself” Approaches

When you’re looking to treat torticollis in your baby, it’s too common for parents to be told to “Just wait and see” which is an incredibly frustrating piece of advice to be given – you don’t want to wait and I totally understand.

Another common thing parents will be told is to “Watch YouTube for neck stretches” and then be expected to miraculously perform these safely and effectively at home…

That’s difficult for any untrained person.

Let alone a parent who is dealing with a screaming, wriggling baby, and feeling terrified about hurting their little one during these stretches.

The Long-Term Impact of Torticollis

Despite the flaws in the “wait and see” and “do it yourself” approach, it’s often something parents do initially.

But the cost of not treating torticollis as early as possible can be significant for your child.

Ignoring it or relying solely on neck stretches that you try to do alone and inconsistently can lead to delays in both visual and gross motor development, as well as physical adaptions.

Children with untreated torticollis can often struggle in later life to keep up with their peers in terms of motor skills and coordination, sensory skills, and visual development.

And this can have a big impact on their self-esteem and confidence at school due to their difficulty completing tasks others can manage with ease.

There is also the physical adaptions that a persistent head tilt can result in.

Baby’s heads are very malleable and when they are constantly sleeping, and putting pressure on one part of their head, the shape of the head and skull can change result in a flat spot.

Again, as well as the physical impact, there is an emotional impact to having a flat spot on their head which could be avoided with the right treatment for their torticollis.

Tear-Free Torticollis Treatment – Total Motion Release (TMR)

But here’s the good news: there’s a groundbreaking approach that can change the game for your child.

It’s something we’ve used in our specialist clinic for many years, and been life-changing for babies with torticollis, and ended a lot of stress, worry and anxiety for parents too.

It’s called Total Motion Release (TMR).

And addresses Torticollis with a whole-body approach.

By looking at the whole body, we can identify whether their torticollis is caused by tightness in the mouth, a tongue tie issue, or tightness in the pelvis from being squished in your uterus for nine months.

In many cases, the tightness that is causing the head tilt is not the only area of tightness in the body, and it often occurs because of another part of the body – such as the pelvis.

When our expert team uses this whole body approach, we can deliver sessions that treat torticollis in a fraction of the time, ensuring it doesn’t impact your baby long-term.

Plus, this approach is much more gentle, with no painful stretching, and no tears.

That means treatment is a much more enjoyable experience for parents and their babies.

Free “No Stretch” Screening For Torticollis

If your child has been diagnosed with torticollis and you’ve not received the treatment your baby needs, or you’re just noticing the warning signs of torticollis and haven’t been to your doctor, here is an invitation to speak to our expert team for FREE.

Demand at our clinic is very high, but we are creating 5 spaces for Free “No Stretch” Screenings For Torticollis.

This is a 100% free appointment designed to help you understand what’s happening with your baby, and how you can help them overcome torticollis before it leads to long-term consequences.

Plus, the right treatment plan can offer very quick results so you can soon get to more enjoyable tummy time, fewer tears during the night, and an easy time feeding for your little one.

To schedule your Free “No Stretch” Neck Screening for Torticollis and take the first step toward your child’s brighter future, click HERE or call us on 908 543 4390.

Schedule Your Free “No Stretch” Screening For Torticollis

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