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How To Help A Child With Sensory Processing Disorder

Every child is unique, and so are their sensory experiences. For some children, the world can be an overwhelming place due to a condition known as Sensory Processing Disorder. As parents, caregivers, and educators, it’s our responsibility to provide the support and understanding these children need to thrive. In this guide, you can learn about […]

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3 Myths That Cause Special Needs Children To Struggle In School

With kids returning to school soon, do you find yourself having sleepless nights worrying about how they’ll handle it? And do you worry that they are going to fall behind their classmates further? Lots of parents go through these emotions. But it’s often much worse for parents of children with special needs. And it can […]

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Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA): 

Medical breakthroughs create better lives What is SMA? Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a genetic disease that affects the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and voluntary muscle movement (skeletal muscle). A majority of nerve cells that control muscles are located in the spinal cord. SMA  primarily affects muscles, because they don’t receive signals from […]

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Mom ALWAYS knows best:

Trusting Your GUT when your child is ill What happens when your child is ill? Have you ever thought you were going crazy when it came to your kids? Sure, we all get stressed out by the demands parenting requires of us whether they be mundane, daily happenings (“No you can’t have another cookie!”, “Stop […]

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Watch Your Back: It’s Scoliosis Awareness Month

Hi all! We know June for being the last month of school and the month where summer fun begins, BUT did you know June is also Scoliosis Awareness Month? Yes! June is the month where we highlight Scoliosis, a diagnosis that affects so many kiddos (and adultos☺️) across the world. So, for Scoliosis Awareness Month, […]

Ten Fun Moves to Count Down to the New Year!

Are you ready for the ultimate New Year’s Countdown? Get ready to wiggle, jump, spin, and roll into the new year with these 10 awesome moves! For easier following along, click the link to the video at the bottom of this post  10. Ball Drop Jumps – To do these jumps, bring both knees into […]

Bad Behavior or a Cracked Windshield?

Last night my daughters were watching their favorite show, Doc McStuffins. If you haven’t seen it, its an adorable show about a little girl who is a doctor for toys. Its filled with funny little diagnoses that go in the Big Book of Boo Boos and fun little songs filled with life lessons on caring […]

A Focus on Strength or Strengths?

Physical therapists are trained to identify all of the things that are atypical, limited, restricted, weak, ineffective and abnormal.  Once all of these problems are identified we develop a plan to knock down all of the things that are wrong.  Our goal? To help someone accomplish something new or to regain a lost skill.

Autism and School Safety

With the death of Avonte, a young boy with autism gone missing last week for a while in Queens and a local 3 year-old with autism locally who was left on a school bus for 6 hours, it made me reconsider the safety of the students at the schools I have worked. The schools put […]