This week’s workout theme is Summer! School is (finally!!!) over for most or very very close for others. I know we are all definitely ready for summer! Try out these three moves and see if you can create a few more of your own!

Movement is always fun, but to build better control we need to keep our awareness on the quality of our movement. Can we move slow and fast? Can we talk at the same time so we know we’re taking deep breaths? Can we hold the positions with the body lined up strong and stable?

With our awareness ready, let’s go!

First, let’s get ready to jump into the pool! Squat down, look forward, and count slowly, 1, 2, 3. You can add in a jump in place, jump into a hoola hoop or jump over a pool noodle. The child can hold on to the back of a chair or a counter top to make it easier.

Next, let’s become an ocean wave! You can stay here or you can move back and forth between plank and this downward dog position. Take a deep breath and see how long you can say “Splaaaaaaaaash!”

You can modify this pose by putting your hands on a higher surface than the floor. Use the couch or a chair. As this becomes easier you can use a lower surface.

Finally, let’s become the sun. Jump your legs out and reach your arms up and out. Let the rays of the sun shoot from every part of your body. Say “aaaahhhhh…..” as you bask in the sun!

Repeat the routine 5 times for a fun and fit movement adventure!

Come back next week to try out our next Wednesday workout!

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