Happy JUNE! June is in full swing and with this fun Summer month comes warmth, and lots of SUNSHINE! To celebrate this sunny month, here are three fun in the sun exercises to get ready for summer! Yay!

  1. The Sunbeam Stretch: Start with your body in a little ball and streeeeetch up tall toward the sky to feel like beams reaching out from the middle of the SUN! Repeat this 10 times to create 10 shining sun beams!
  1. The Sprinkler Jump: Pretend that there are sprinkler beams spraying near your ankles (or get out a real sprinkler). Jumps sideways over the water streams! Repeat this 10 times to each side and try not to hit the water (whether it is real or imaginary)!
  1. The Sunscreen Slide: Grab your bottle of sunscreen, hold it in one hand, then do a slide with arms out before putting the sunscreen on your face (imaginatively) when your feet come together! Repeat this one 5 times to each side to evenly honor the skin saving lotion in your hands!

We hope you have fun doing these three simple activities and that you are excited for the start of SUMMER!

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