By: Dr. Ali

This week is St. Patrick’s Day and with all of the green, Leprechaun fun, we wanted to add some fun moves to your family’s festivities! If you need a visual version of these exercises, click above to view the exercises in video form!!

  1. Leprechaun’s Jig: Jump together on two feet, then jump onto one, to two, then to one, and keep repeating this over and over again until you have done 10 one footed jumps total! Look, you’re doing a jig!
  2. Making the Rainbow: Go on your belly to start. Place your hands on the ground and your feet on the ground. Then push your tooshie up into the air and hold
  3. Creeping over the rainbow: Tip toe on a line with a sneaky expression, so you don’t “tip” the Leprechaun off that you are coming. SHHHHH its a surprise, you have to sneak up on him if you want his gold!
  4. Jumping in the Pot of Gold: Jump into your imaginary pot of gold but bringing one knee up close to your chest then jumping onto the leg that is up while bringing your opposite knee close to your chest. 
  5. Give gold coins to your friends: Squat low (because you are still up on the imaginary rainbow) and pass your friends coins by reaching down low. Pass the coins to 10 friends!

We hope you have fun getting JIGGY with it! We know you will all be the best rainbows, pot o’ gold jumpers, jig dancers, and gold coin sharers out there! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

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