This week’s workout theme is a Jumping Jacks Journey!

Try out these three moves and see if you can create a few more of your own!

Movement is always fun, but to build better control we need to keep our awareness on the quality of our movement. Can we move slow and fast? Can we talk at the same time so we know we’re taking deep breaths? Can we keep good timing and sequencing as we go and not just at the beginning?

With our awareness ready, let’s go!

First, let’s move both arms up overhead and back down to our legs. Clap at the top and bottom to make an auditory cue.

Repeat to the letters of the alphabet, count to 10 or 20, or try to match the beat to a metronome (check out free metronome apps).

Next, let’s jump with legs open. Jump slowly. Jump open and freeze. Jump close and freeze. Make each jump a separate movement.

Now its time to put arms and legs together! Keep it slow still. Jump open and arms up- FREEZE! Jump close and arms down- FREEZE!

Once this is mastered, its time to speed it up!

Once Jumping Jacks are mastered, mix it up! Scissor jumps, X jumps, and side ski jumps are great varieties!

Come back next week to try out our next Wednesday workout!

Have fun!

Dr. Joni

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