Happy Valentine’s Day! Today, we are going to keep it short and sweet! We know you are all probably having a blast sharing sweet messages with friends and family and eating chocolate, but you know what else is fun?! Valentine’s Day themed exercises, that’s what!! So become the best Cupid you can be today and share the love with these five sweet moves:

  1. Big Hug Jumps- start with your feet next to each other, arms by your sides. Then jump your feet and arms out at the same time! Next, jump back in so that your feet are together and your arms are wrapped around you, aka you are giving yourself a BIG HUG! Repeat this move for 20 seconds!
  2. Open valentines messages- Stand with arms and legs squished together while you squat. Then, open one leg and same side arm until your arms make two right angles and your knees make two right angles, as in the picture below. Now close the box by bringing your arms and legs together in front of you again. Do this with the same leg and arm 3 more times. Repeat to the other side.
  3. Unwrap the chocolate – Start with your back on the ground, with your legs and arms curled into a little ball. Slowly open up your legs and arms, lowering your body slowly to the ground to “unwrap” all the chocolate you want to eat! Unwrap chocolates 10 times!
  4. Give out flowers – Give all of your loved ones pretty flowers on Valentine’s day with a lunge and sway. To do this move, stand with your feet wide and lean onto your right leg, bending your right knee. Then keep your weight on your right leg and straighten your knee while raising your arms to the sky. Pretend you are holding one beautiful flower in your hands as they move to the sky! Repeat this to the left side, then do the move 7 more times to each side!
  5. Cupid’s Bow – Last but not least, be the best Valentine’s Day Cupid you can be by stepping into a lunge with your right foot forward, hips facing sideways (Aka warrior II if you know Yoga – in the picture below). Put your hands, with two fists, next to each other with arms straight in front of your nose. Then pull your left arm back like you are trying to shoot an arrow from your Cupid’s Bow while bending your right knee. Repeat this move 5 more times on this side then 6 times with the left foot forward.  

Need a better visual for what these moves should look like? Go visit our KidPT TikTok @kidpt_nj , our instagram @kidpt , or our facebook page @kidptnj to see Dr. Ali’s demonstrations for each of these lovely moves! We hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day with lots of chocolate to make the heart smile!

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