by Katherine Maloney, PT, DPT

I work with some amazing moms and dads every day here at KidPT. There is one thing that I’ve found they almost all have in common: they are way too hard on themselves! Everyday I hear moms saying that they’re a bad mom because they let their kid stay up late or didn’t make them eat all their veggies or whatever it is. I’m going to come right out and say it: that is a big lie! 

Let me also preface this by saying I am not a parent right now, but I’ve been working with parents, and specifically parents of kids with special needs, for a long time. Long enough to know that none of these moms (and dads!) are bad at all. In fact they are all amazing! Moms and Dads don’t give themselves enough credit; you not only have to take care of yourself everyday but you have to take care of kids too! 

We live in a time right now where we have access to everyone via social media and the internet; we know exactly what Princess Kate and Prince William are feeding their kids, and we compare ourselves to that. But the dirty little secret is that no one is perfect and people probably aren’t posting about their parenting mishaps. Every parent that is bringing their kid to physical therapy is taking time out of their already busy schedule to prioritize their child’s wellbeing and health. These parents listen to what we, the Physical Therapists, say to do at home and incorporate it into their daily activities. 

Not only these examples, but the amount of love and advocating I see these parents do day in and out is amazing! I’m continually impressed and motivated by the incredible moms and dads that I work with everyday. So thank you for inspiring me everyday at work, I literally could not do my job without your help and support!

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