Your daughter begged you to sign her up for dance class.  She loves to wear tutus and dance around the house to Disney music.  You figured dance class would be heaven for her!

The first class goes well.  She looooves the teacher and can’t wait to go back.  The next few weeks don’t go as well. You watch the class and see that she just can’t keep up with the other kids.  She tries and wants to, but just can’t follow along.

Some children will respond by acting SILLY!  Others will just refuse to go in to class.

For some children, things will get better over time.  These children just need more practice. For other children the coordination, rhythm, motor planning and balance of dance class overwhelms them.  

Here are some ideas to help these children have success and get back to the FUN:

Rhythm Play

  • Play hand games
  • Tap your hands to the music
  • Play the drums and repeat rhythms back and forth to each other

Motor Planning Activities

  • Create obstacle courses around the house going over, under and through things around the house
  • Climb in and out of cardboard boxes or the laundry basket

Balance Challenges

  • Practice walking along the curb as if its a balance beam
  • Stand on one foot and kick down bowling pins or blocks
  • Stand on one foot, close your eyes, and see how high you can count

Coordination Taps

  • Practice tapping hands alternating on the table.
  • Practice tapping feet alternating on the floor.
  • Try to combine tapping same hand and same foot tapping to a beat or try doing it with opposite hand and foot.

Reach out to a physical therapist for help.

  • When home practice isn’t enough, call us at (908)-543-4390, to speak with a physical therapist.  

Dance class can be such a fun experience for children!  With some extra help, many children will be able to blossom and turn a challenge into a success!

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