Anthony DeVergillo is a young man who writes a blog called “The Optimist’s Guide to Life”, “spreading optimism one smile at a time”. On his blog he talks about optimism and living with disability. Anthony has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and his writings will inspire, teach and guide you to reflect on your own life experience. While his blog is filled with incredible poetry, music and guest posts, the following are a “greatest hits” of posts that I believe will be helpful the readers of this blog.

Anthony began sharing his writing and choosing his optimism after these first two poems were shared by his high school teacher:

Through the Eyes of A Child


The following three posts will give you insight into Anthony’s daily life and his optimistic approach to life:

If We Can Do It

Life’s Balancing Act

Doing Things Differently


The first video was created a year ago for Anthony’s 19th birthday. It is a collaboration of men with muscular dystrophy and their loved ones. The second shares the wisdom of men living with Muscular Dystrophy, including Anthony, at a Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy annual conference. The third is a speech Anthony gave to college students about his experiences going from shy to outgoing, introverted to connecting with the world.

You Are Stronger

Revolt With Our Sons

Living With My Disability

As a gift to Anthony, please share your favorite post on Facebook, twitter and with friends and family. Help him spread the optimism!

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