Many parents ask me for suggestions this time of year for gifts that will be fun and also promote a child’s gross motor development and fitness.   Here are some great ideas to share with family and friends!


Moon shoes are a fun and challenging way to to improve strength, balance and body awareness.

Another fun activity to improve balance and strength:

The following two are great seating options for kids who need a little extra movement to help them focus.  These seats can change the face of homework time in your house!

The Stomp Rocket is such a fun way to practice standing on one leg.  Like anything new, it can also challenge motor planning abilities, especially timing an sequencing.

Ball Skills

Bean bags are such a versatile tool for catching and throwing.  Plus you can incorporate other skills, such as identifying shapes, colors, numbers, letters depending on the type of bean bag you use.

Gertie balls are awesome for children learning to catch.  They are easier to grip than most balls.  They come in so many fun versions, like glow-in-the-dark and color changing.  Try one out!

Juggling scarves are a great way to practice catching for children who need some extra time.  The scarf moves slower than a ball and so give a child more time to respond.  They are also fun to play peek a boo with little ones!

Having a basketball hoop indoors in the winter is a fun way to keep practicing those throwing skills!

Gross Motor Play

This game is so much fun and uses listening, movement and motor planning skills all at one time!

An oldie but goodie!  Who doesn’t love Twister?!

Bring the swing set indoors for the colder weather.  I love this (don’t tell my kids I ordered a set!) idea!

Play old fashioned hopscotch or play a math game jumping to the answer.

Zoom ball is a fun game that requires using both hands and the same time.  Try playing in different positions, such as lying on your back or kneeling on a sofa cushion for an extra challenge.

Many children need additional mvoement into their daily routinces.  A trampoline with a handle for safety makes this an easy tool for extra sensory input.


Ride On Toys

The EzyRoller has a nice full seat for children who need extra support.

Balance bikes are great for kids to develop the skills they will need to later ride a 2-wheeler.  They can go fast and are fun!

Happy holidays!!!


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