I spent the day watching the faces of children light up as they received their new bikes. Their parents were also filled with joy for their children and were so grateful for the donations that led to free therapeutic bikes for their child. These children were all different ages and had various special needs. There were children with CP, on the autism spectrum and with various genetic disorders. The bikes were customized to the very different needs of each child and today they took them home.

One boy had achondroplasia and although he has the motor skills to ride a bike, it was difficult for the family to find a bike that would fit his small stature.  A small bike that could be customized for seat depth and height with extra blocks on the pedals worked for him.


Two girls on the autism spectrum had never had success riding a tricycle. They had difficulty learning how to push the pedals despite many attempts by therapists and their parents. Both girls were immediately able to ride the Amtryke with the hand cycles. Propelling with hands (feet are pedaling too) is easier because the child can see their hands doing the work and have a better sense as to where their arms and hands are in space compared to their legs and feet.  I highly recommend this bike for children with motor planning difficulties.

Several children with CP rode different styles of bikes, including a teenager on a 3 wheeled bike and toddler on a small trike with special gloves to keep his hands on the hand pedals.


Bike riding is a favorite childhood activity and is also so beneficial therapeutically. It can be very challenging for families to get a therapeutic bike because of all the other financial demands and reimbursement limitations. Ambucs is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. Today more than 30 children brought their new bikes home and are looking forward to Spring so they can get out there and ride their bikes.

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  1. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    The AMBUCS cycle program is a fabulous opportunity for children and parents! Thank you so much for this post, Joni. I first became aware of AMBUCS as a college freshman when they awarded me a precious and generous $200 scholarship. I believe this organization still offers scholarships to therapy-majors.

  2. Amalie Martinez
    Amalie Martinez says:

    I have a son with multiple birth defect, mental retardation, and cerebral palsy which benefits from a therapeutic bike excellent. Would like to buy one for him but I’m affriad I will not have enough funds to buy it and it will not be covered by his medical insurance. Please let me know if help can be provided @ my email or phone number 9565004058. Thank you and have a blesses day.

  3. Michelle Woods
    Michelle Woods says:

    I have a two year old son with cerebral palsy and we would love to get him an amatryke. Can you e-mail me more info regarding funding?
    Many Thanks

  4. Aleasha
    Aleasha says:

    I have a special needs five year old boy with cerebral palsy who needs an adaptive bike so I was wondering how I go about ordering one and the funding? Thank you


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