Virtual Therapy Services

During these unprecedented times, we at Kid PT are here to support your children to continue to move forward during this time.

If your goal is to help your child become as confident and independent as can be, our goal is to coach you on that path! We can even do that from the comfort of your home!

Get your questions answered here. All you need to do is request our FREE report and we’ll send it your way!

There are many ways to help your child meet their goals! One way is Virtual Physical Therapy and Virtual Physical Therapy!

Another way to help your child maintain their skills is to join our FREE Virtual Movement Group! Our groups are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 EST and will continue as long as school is closed. Sign up here and join us on Zoom for fun, exercise and movement that will help your child improve their balance, coordination and body awareness.

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“My daughter Raelynn was referred to start PT and I’m sure like most families I thought “ how in the world will a 7 month old baby take physical therapy?”.. We met with Dr. Joni the week before virtual visits started so Raelynn only had her initial evaluation done in person. When I found out Raelynns visits would be done virtually I was hesitant just like I’m sure many were and will be. I thought “ how will she achieve goals if the therapists aren’t here helping me” and “ how will we know it’s working if they can’t evaluate her in person each week” but after one visit I realized there was nothing to worry about. The ONLY difference to these visits is that Dr Joni is watching you through a computer and not sitting next to you- but she is right there with you through every step of your PT journey.  She will make sure you are comfortable and confident preforming the exercises you need too , she will demonstrate each and every one so you have a clear picture of what you need to do. She will sit and observe your child to see how they are doing and decide if things need to be modified and each week you receive a lesson plan which is the recorded exercises you discussed during the virtual visit. Dr. Joni and her staff are ALWAYS available if you have questions or concerns, so if you have any problems or confusions about what you are doing you are never left hanging. Dr. Joni will put you at ease as she did with me as soon as your start your visits virtually. Her warm personality and her extreme knowledge will shine through the computer each week and it will become something you look forward to weekly .It is also an added bonus that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home in these unsettling times And your child can take their lessons in an environment they are comfortable with! I have watched my daughter go from a 7 month old who could not sit, screamed during tummy time and had very little muscle strength to a baby who is sitting on her own ( and starting to look around and play while doing so), enjoying tummy time more and hitting milestones I never imagined could come so quickly in just 3 virtual visits !I am sure if you stay open minded and give just one virtual visit a try you will quickly see just how easy they are and like me will be excited each week for your session.” -Stephanie F.