Can’t say enough about Joni Redlich! She worked with my daughter last year and was amazing! We had tried with another PT and my daughter screamed through every session, but she loved Joni and met her milestones in no time. So knowledgeable and very up to date on current best practices. I mention that because my daughter’s previous therapist was very old school and didn’t really know what was going on with my daughter, but used the same methods “as usual” anyway. Joni knew what was going on just from me describing the issue and was able to treat my daughter in the best way–not forcing her body to do what it couldn’t, but gently teaching her body what it needed to do to advance.

Vivienne K.


The office is beautiful and has so many fun things! Joni is absolutely amazing! With just two sessions, she was able to fix my daughters minor Tortcolitis and get her sitting up and moving on her own! Now, she’s working with my very challenging son, with ease. He instantly Warner up to her and declared her his new best friend. We’ve seen remarkable growth in the past month and can’t wait to see how much more he’ll be able to do when he has all his muscles working the way they should! Thanks Dr. Joni!!

Kerri J.


Kid PT is just incredible! I cannot say enough positive things about our physical therapist Joni. She is AMAZING and our son just loves going there! He has fun all while working on his individual needs. Joni gives him goals and fun ways to reach them. We have all the confidence in the world that he will not only reach his goals but surpass them with the wonderful therapy he is receiving at Kid PT. I highly recommend it!

Melissa S.


I am so thrilled to learn that Joni has opened her own practice.  Joni was my child’s PT several years ago.   My child has a rare condition that most PTs handle incorrectly (according to my child’s world renowned orthopedic specialist).  I just spoke highly of Joni at a conference workshop with this specialist and recommended parents to find a PT like Joni.  She handled my son’s condition with compassion and excellence.  She listened to my concerns and treated my son with the recommended protocols for his condition.  (Many PTs would not have done this and gone with a more traditional PT route)  She also, helped me figure out how to best help my son be independent. She gave me very helpful suggestions that I could implement at home.  She is sweet and fun and my kids love her.  I could not give her a higher recommendation. Whether your child has some mild PT issues or a rare genetic condition, Joni is the best!   I am so very, very grateful that we had her as my son’s physical therapist.  She is the very best and KidPT should be your first stop for your child’s physical therapy needs!

Stephani R.