Welcome to KidPT, where we strive to help every dancer waltzing through our doors to move with grace and ease! We look at each dancer we see as an individual with their own unique movement patterns and strengths. If your young dancer has a longstanding injury that you feel has been holding them back from reaching their true potential, we are here to help them along their journey toward injury-free success. We look at parts of their movement patterns that tend to get ignored by dance practices but are so important for happy, healthy movement! Dance on through KidPT’s doors to experience this approach first hand so that your young dancer can become strong and injury free!

Dr. Ali started dancing when she was 3 years old and found a love of dancing through ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance styles. She spent a majority of her young dancing career training through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet syllabi and examinations before diving into the modern dance world in her collegiate dance studies. In college, she earned her undergraduate degree in Dance with a concentration in Dance Science from Muhlenberg College, combining her passions for dancing and anatomy into one. Through Muhlenberg College’s dance program, she was able to study many diverse dance styles, including modern, ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz, and ballroom dance styles and look at these styles through an anatomical lens. She carried this knowledge with her through her Physical Therapy graduate studies at Thomas Jefferson University and is excited to help young dancers heal their bodies to perform to their full potential!

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