This week’s workout theme is Summer! School is (finally!!!) over for most or very very close for others. I know we are all definitely ready for summer! Try out these three moves and see if you can create a few more of your own!

Movement is always fun, but to build better control we need to keep our awareness on the quality of our movement. Can we move slow and fast? Can we talk at the same time so we know we’re taking deep breaths? Can we hold the positions with the body lined up strong and stable?

With our awareness ready, let’s go!

First, let’s get ready to jump into the pool! Squat down, look forward, and count slowly, 1, 2, 3. You can add in a jump in place, jump into a hoola hoop or jump over a pool noodle. The child can hold on to the back of a chair or a counter top to make it easier.

Next, let’s become an ocean wave! You can stay here or you can move back and forth between plank and this downward dog position. Take a deep breath and see how long you can say “Splaaaaaaaaash!”

You can modify this pose by putting your hands on a higher surface than the floor. Use the couch or a chair. As this becomes easier you can use a lower surface.

Finally, let’s become the sun. Jump your legs out and reach your arms up and out. Let the rays of the sun shoot from every part of your body. Say “aaaahhhhh…..” as you bask in the sun!

Repeat the routine 5 times for a fun and fit movement adventure!

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This week’s workout theme is under the sea! Try out these three moves and see if you can create a few more of your own!

Movement is always fun, but to build better control we need to keep our awareness on the quality of our movement. Can we move slow and fast? Can we talk at the same time so we know we’re taking deep breaths? Can we hold the positions with the body lined up strong and stable?

With our awareness ready, let’s go!

First, let’s become merfolk and swim through the water. Swim to the surface, land on a rock and push up so you can look around at the horizon. What a beautiful sunny day- I can feel the sun rays on my face! Let out a big sigh, “aaaaaaaah” as you bask in the sun!

You can modify this pose by pushing up on your elbows instead of your hands. You can also put a pillow under your hips if this position creates stress on your back. Look to the left, look to the right, look up and look down. The rest of your body should be able to stay still.

Next, let’s become dolphins and push up onto our hands and feet, making a big arch with our bodies as we jump in and out of the ocean! You can stay here or you can move back and forth between plank and this downward dog position. Take a deep breath and see how long you can say “Goooooooooooooo……” as your dolphin leaps up out of the water!

You can modify this pose by putting your hands on a higher surface than the floor. Use the couch or a chair. As this becomes easier you can use a lower surface.

Finally, let’s become crabs, pushing up onto our hands and feet with our bellies pointing up to the sky. Yell out a “snap snap snap!”

You can modify this pose by holding it more briefly and lifting your bottom up and down from the floor for multiple reps. You can also make this harder by lifting one leg into the air.

Repeat the routine 5 times for a fun and fit movement adventure!

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We love Dr. Suess at Kid PT!  We have two quotes on our walls that we love to look at every day!

Read Across America ‌is‌ ‌this‌ ‌week‌ ‌so‌ ‌I‌ ‌thought‌ ‌it‌ ‌would‌ ‌be‌ ‌fun‌ ‌to‌ ‌ask‌ ‌our‌ ‌staff‌ ‌to share their favorite Dr. Suess book!  ‌

Sue: Green Eggs & Ham! Her son used to laugh soooo much at this story!

Wendy:‌ Horton Hears a Who!  Wendy always loved the elephant! He was kind and gentle and willing to help the Whos!

Stephanie:‌ ‌1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish!  “Its such a cute book and it makes me smile!”

Katie:‌ ‌ Oh the Places You’ll Go!  Katie has a lot of memories of her mom reading her this book when she was little.

My favorite Dr. Suess book is Marvin K. Mooney, Will you Please Go Now!  I loved this book as a kid and it makes me laugh now when I read it with my kids!

How are your kids celebrating Read Across America this week?‌  I know my kids have crazy sock day, bring an animal to school day, and rainbow day (I ever prepared ahead of time this year, which never happens!)

Share with us you and your children’s favorite Dr. Suess books. ‌ Let‌ ‌us‌ ‌know‌ ‌on‌ ‌

Facebook‌ @kidptnj ‌or‌ ‌Instagram‌ ‌@Kidpt!‌ 

 National Fairy Tale Day is this week so I thought it would be fun to ask our staff what their favorite fairy tale is to celebrate! Fairy Tales are such a fun and classic way to engage kids in reading and storytelling, and most of us have been hearing these stories since we were little kids ourselves.

What’s your favorite fairy tale? 

Joni: Peter Pan is her favorite. Joni says it’s her favorite because “she won’t grow up either and that’s why I play all day!”

Sue: Princess and the Pea! Sue says this gives her fond memories of being read to as a child! 

Wendy: Beauty and the Beast is her favorite because Belle shows that love goes beyond looks. 

Stephanie: Cinderella is Stephanie’s favorite fairy tale because she finds her perfect Prince Charming. 

Katie: My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast. I remember loving watching this movie growing up because Belle was so independent and loved to read (just like me as a kid!). Plus who didn’t want her gorgeous yellow/gold dress?

How are you celebrating National Fairy Tale day? We would love to know if you’re reading your favorite fairy tale to your kids or what their favorite fairy tale is! Let us know on Facebook @kidptnj or Instagram @Kidpt! 

February is heart month and here are some heart tips from us to you! Heart health is so important for all of us: from kids to adults alike. Our heart health affects all other systems in our body, including our ability to move our bodies. Keeping your heart healthy takes a good diet, regular exercise, and low stress levels. Here are some specific and easy tips to try!

  • Take your dog for a walk or walk regularly: low impact cardiovascular exercise such as walking is great for your heart health as well as your mental health. Since it is low impact and low stress on your body you are highly unlikely to get injured. 
  • Take the stairs: a classic tip to move your body more during the day and to easily get your heart pumping a little faster! 
  • Eat dark leafy greens: dark leafy greens, such as broccoli and spinach, are great for your cardiovascular health since they are high in iron. Iron is a mineral needed for our red blood cells. 
  • Sleep 8 hours every night: this is such a good tip for overall health but definitely helps heart health as it lowers stress levels and gives your body and mind time to rest and repair!
  • De-stress through fun hobbies: whether it is reading, painting, or talking to a good friend, finding a solid and regular way to let go of stress is so important for heart health! 
  • Smile and Laugh: smiling and laughing are great ways to release happy chemicals in our brains that combat stress and can in turn improve heart health! So next time your kid tells you a funny joke, thank them for keeping your heart healthy!

I hope you enjoyed these heart health tips! Don’t forget to wear red this month to support heart health month! What are some other ways you keep your heart healthy? We would love to know what you do!

Did you know last week was National Healthy Weight Week? To celebrate here are some tips to support healthy weight and body image in young girls and women!

Today’s culture can be a difficult one for girls and women to be in when it comes to weight. There is so much pressure to be a certain weight; while it used to be skinny, now, there is a big push for “healthy weight,” but what does that even mean? The internet is truly a double edged sword as it provides us with access to lots of credible information, it also has a lot of incorrect information which unfortunately spreads like wildfire. With so many people selling coaching, shakes, or other weight loss products it can be difficult to navigate as an adult, let alone as a teen. Here are some tips to help support your tween/teen daughter, niece, cousin, student, etc.

  • Support and give an example of healthy eating: make sure you demonstrate healthy eating habits to follow. This means eating all meals, not talking badly about yourself when you eat something that’s not super healthy, discussing food as fuel and how important fuel is for our bodies, etc. Kids and teens learn a lot of behaviors and attitudes from the adults around them, so be sure you are setting a healthy example.
  • Encourage regular exercise, but make sure you aren’t equating exercise to value: exercise is a great way to maintain healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle. But it is important to not become hyper focused on it. It can be easy, especially with social media, to think you HAVE to workout and if you don’t you’re a bad person. So encouraging a healthy relationship with working out is crucial.
  • Focus on other amazing attributes as well: making sure to compliment other aspects is so important. Some great examples to focus on: kindness, caring, thoughtfulness, helpfulness, etc. These are traits that are completely in their control and not related to body image. Another way is to kind of spin body image compliments, so instead of saying ‘you look so skinny’ you can say ‘you look so healthy’ or ‘you’re glowing when you’re happy’ to focus less on looks and more on attitude.

At the end of the day being healthy is not the same as being skinny or super muscular or anything related to looks. Reminding and encouraging this mindset is key to help young girls have a sense of healthy weight and body image. In today’s world it can be so hard to have a healthy mindset around these topics with social media, and while you can’t control what the young girls in your life are thinking, you can help set a good example for them daily. 

by Katherine Maloney, PT, DPT

I work with some amazing moms and dads every day here at KidPT. There is one thing that I’ve found they almost all have in common: they are way too hard on themselves! Everyday I hear moms saying that they’re a bad mom because they let their kid stay up late or didn’t make them eat all their veggies or whatever it is. I’m going to come right out and say it: that is a big lie! 

Let me also preface this by saying I am not a parent right now, but I’ve been working with parents, and specifically parents of kids with special needs, for a long time. Long enough to know that none of these moms (and dads!) are bad at all. In fact they are all amazing! Moms and Dads don’t give themselves enough credit; you not only have to take care of yourself everyday but you have to take care of kids too! 

We live in a time right now where we have access to everyone via social media and the internet; we know exactly what Princess Kate and Prince William are feeding their kids, and we compare ourselves to that. But the dirty little secret is that no one is perfect and people probably aren’t posting about their parenting mishaps. Every parent that is bringing their kid to physical therapy is taking time out of their already busy schedule to prioritize their child’s wellbeing and health. These parents listen to what we, the Physical Therapists, say to do at home and incorporate it into their daily activities. 

Not only these examples, but the amount of love and advocating I see these parents do day in and out is amazing! I’m continually impressed and motivated by the incredible moms and dads that I work with everyday. So thank you for inspiring me everyday at work, I literally could not do my job without your help and support!

Bath Safety, Positioning, and Fun!

by Katherine Maloney, PT, DPT

January is officially National Bath Safety Month! We figured what better excuse to bring you some tips for safety, positioning, and, of course, fun! 

Bath safety is really important, and so it’s good to have a few reminders to stay on top of safety during bath time. Did you know that as little as 1 inch of water can be hazardous for babies according to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. But bath time should be a fun, regular activity! Remember: 

  • Always supervise children
  • Always check water temp with a temperature sensing toy or your wrist
  • Set water heaters to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent accidental scalding
  • Put no-slip mats in your tub
  • Keep any hazardous materials (cleaners, razors, etc) safely stored where children cannot reach them
  • Consider taking a CPR/First Aid class for emergencies

Positioning for bath time can not only help with safety but make bath time easier and more enjoyable for you and your kiddos. One tip I learned from Joni was to put a laundry basket (the plastic kind with holes) in the tub for toddlers; this creates a smaller area for them to be in, making it easier to watch them, yet still allows them to play in the water. For infants there are plenty of bath seats available for use in the sink or tub, just remember to make sure your baby is seated upright properly in these for safety!

Finally, here are some tips to make bath time fun for all ages!

  • Bring everyday toys in the bath: legos, cars, beach toys, and gardening tools are all great in the bath and open up lots of imagination play for your kid
  • Create a water wall: using funnels, water bottles with holes, tubes, and anything else you can think of to build a “track” for the water to flow down the wall of the bath. This really encourages building and engineering skills in a fun way!
  • Fishing: get some toy fish, put them in a small round laundry basket, and let your kids go fishing with a net or just their hands! One twist from this that I’ve seen online is to freeze the toys in ice cubes first to make it “ice fishing”!
  • Target Practice: use bath letters, or magnets of any kind, stick them to the wall of the bath and fill a spray bottle with water (bonus: you can dye the color with food dye for more fun!). Then just let your kid try to shoot each target with the spray bottle. You can make it more complex for older kids by having them spell out words! I’ve also seen people place coffee filters over the target so the kid can see the filter getting wet from their spray bottle. Either way this is a fun game that also works hand-eye coordination! 

by Katherine Maloney, PT, DPT

It’s the time of year when everyone starts talking about their big New Year’s resolutions. But did you know that less than 25% of people keep their goals past the month of January? Keeping goals and following through is a hard task for anyone, so what can you do to make this process easier? Writing SMART goals is a great first step!

I was first introduced to the idea of SMART goals through sports, but it was really hammered down in PT school when we were learning how to write goals for patients. So what are SMART goals? SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based goals. But what does all this mean?

Being specific with your goals is really important. Saying “I want to be healthier this year” is vague and makes it hard for you to know what your next step is. Try instead, “I want to work out three times a week this year” to be more specific. 

Making your goal measurable means that you are going to be able to track this goal. Just like being specific saying “I want to work out more” is a lot different than saying “I will work out for X minutes X times a week” or “I will be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping by the end of the year.” You have to be able to see how you are progressing at your goal, this helps to keep you motivated by seeing the progress you’ve already made! 

Your goals have to be attainable. This one can be tricky, sometimes we get caught up in the excitement of the new year and make big, lofty goals for ourselves. But remind yourself that you want to be able to reach your goals. Sometimes you really have to start small. If you reach your goal before the year is over you can always set a new one! 

You want your goals to be relevant to you. So making a goal about running might be great for me because I love to run, but you might hate running and so it doesn’t make sense for you. Or on the other hand, maybe you already run consistently. In that case it wouldn’t make sense to make a goal about running consistently because you’re already doing it; instead your goal could be about speed, distance, races, or not related to running at all! If the goal is relevant to you, you aren’t going to do it. You want to be excited to work towards your goals!

Finally your goal needs to be time-based. For most New Year’s resolutions, the time frame is the whole year. And that’s a great starting point… but a year is a long time. If you want to make year long goals I highly suggest that you break down that goal into smaller, bite sized portions. This could be breaking it down quarterly, monthly, or even weekly. What matters is that you set a time frame for when you want to accomplish your goal so that it doesn’t just fall to the wayside with the classic “I’ll start that next week” mantra. 

The New Year is a great time to set some new goals for yourself and re-evaluate different areas of your life. Writing SMART goals will make your life easier and help you be part of the 25% that keeps going with their goals past January! 

Winter break is coming up and I know outside of the family festivities you are going to have some time that you’re going to look for ways to keep the kids busy! Here are some fun (and EASY!) crafts that the kids will love. We would love to see the finished products!

  1. Paper Roll Snowman

In order to make a paper roll snowman you will need a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll, white paint or white paper, colored paper, a black marker, scissors and glue. First, cover the roll with white paint or white paper. Second, cut a strip of paper to make a scarf and a nose for the snowman. Glue the scarf just above the center of the roll, draw the face and glue the nose.

  1. Handprint Penguin 

The supplies needed to make a handprint penguin are: white felt, black construction paper, orange construction paper, and googly eyes. To begin, trace your hand on the black construction paper and cut it out. Next, use a round object, such as a cup, to trace the white felt and cut out a circle for the belly. Glue the belly to the center of the hand penguin. Use the orange construction paper to make a nose for the penguin. Lastly, glue the eyes and nose onto your penguin. 

  1. Hot Chocolate Mug

To make a hot chocolate mug you will need construction paper, brown paint, white pom poms, and stickers. First cut out a square and a c shape and glue them together to make your mug. Next paint the top brown so it looks like hot chocolate. Put pom poms on the brown paint to resemble marshmallows. Use stickers to decorate. 

  1. Paper Plate Polar Bear

Before you make a paper plate polar bear make sure you have paper plates, cotton balls, glue, white and black paper, and scissors. Cover the plate with glue and then cover with cotton balls. Cut out two circles from the white paper to make the ears. Use the black construction paper to create the face. 

  1. Popsicle Stick Snowflake

Glue four popsicle sticks in the shape of a snowflake. Use any paint, markers, stickers, or pom poms to decorate your snowflake.

Happy happy holidays and happy crafting!!!