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Motor Deficits in Children with Autism and Related Disorders

Joni Daichman, MSPT, Tracy Cueli-Dutil, DPT and Roberto Tuchman, M.D.  Paper presented at the Geneva Centre Internal Symposium on Autism, Toronto, Canada (October 2002) There has been an increased interest in the relationship between motor function, cognition, attention, language development and social communication disorders over the last few years.(Gillberg 1998; Landgren, Kjellman et al. 1998; […]

Autism In Haiti

The destruction in Haiti made me think about how children with autism and other disabilities are coping and surviving.  I found the following article on a center for children in Haiti with developmental disabilities.  The work they had done is so admirable, but now they are going to be starting over again.         via Autism in Haiti | […]