“We Help Children of All Ages to Move, Play and Learn with Improved Ability, Confidence & Independence.”


Are you worried about your child’s milestones?  Have you been told to “wait and see,” but you want to help your baby right away?

Does your baby always keep their head tilted or turned and you want a stress free way to help?


Does your toddler have a hard time handling different sensations?  Are hair cuts and dressing a stressful occasion for you?

Does your toddler have a hard time coloring or using forks and spoons?

Does your toddler fall a lot?  Everyone keeps saying its fine, but your gut is still concerned.


Does you child have a hard time keeping up in school or on the playground?

Does your child have a lot of ups and downs every day?

Does your child have a neuromotor diagnosis and you want to explore your therapy options to improve quality of life and independence?


Does your child have a neuromotor problem that is limiting independence or fitness?

Do you want help to decide if physical or occupational therapy is right for your family?  Call us at 908-543-4390 to schedule a Discovery Visit.  This is a free 20 minute session with a therapist to discuss your concerns and a strategy to accomplish your goals.