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It is time to work smarter and not just harder.  As science evolves, so must our therapeutic interventions.  Today we know how to harness the entire neuromuscular system to make rapid change and open new doors.  Therapy is not just about stretching and strengthening, but activating the movement system while building on a child’s strengths, not weaknesses.

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Find out how to help your child move better, feel more confident, and develop new skills today.  We teach the child and the parent how to make changes on Day One.

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Every Child Matters at Kid PT

At Kid PT we build on a child’s strengths to give them the tools they need to explore and participate in their daily lives.  We believe in giving every child the experience and joy of connecting with others through movement, as movement is the foundation for social interaction and learning.  We strive to give every parent knowledge of their child’s abilities and empower parents to create growth opportunities outside of therapy sessions.

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Kid PT’s Intensive Physical Therapy Sessions for the Summer of 2017 are booking now! 

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