Intensive Physical Therapy for Children

Children with developmental and physical disabilities often need a lot of repetition to learn new motor skills and develop new patterns of movement. Children who need outpatient physical therapy will typically receive services 1-2 times per week. For some children, a block of more intensive physical therapy will be more effective than spreading the sessions out over time in order to learn a new skill.

Other children, such as children with autism spectrum disorder or dyspraxia, may not have regular physical therapy sessions, but may benefit from a block of intensive physical therapy to strengthen their sensory-motor foundations.

Intensive Physical Therapy offer a “boot camp” type experience to jump start a child’s skills when initiating therapy. They are also appropriate for children with varying needs who are looking to springboard beyond their current abilities. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of the family. They are schedule 3-5 days per week for two hour blocks over a 1-4 week period.

Kid PT uses the SMILE Approach to Intensive Physical Therapy, which stands for Sensory Motor Integration for Life and Education. It is an individualized, systematic and holistic approach to help children achieve the next level of their movement abilities. Using the principles of ALIGN, ACTIVATE and INTEGRATE the SMILE approach will help children to break through limitations and discover their potential.

Families from out of the area are given a home program to carry over therapy once their intensive is over. Consultation with a local therapist is also available at the time of intensive and as follow-up afterwards.

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