KidPTKid PT LLC is a pediatric therapy therapy practice dedicated to helping children and their families achieve success at home, school and in their community. We provide physical therapy and occupational therapy in a variety of settings, including our clinic  at 34 W. Main Street in Somerville, NJ, as well as other settings, such as the home, daycare, school or park.

We specialize in pediatric therapy to children who have movement challenges. Sometimes this is apparent, such as children with cerebral palsy, developmental coordination disorder and dyspraxia or torticollis. Other times the movement challenges are more subtle and underlie balance, coordination, speech and learning difficulties, such as children with autism or Down Syndrome.

Kid PT, LLC is owned and operated by Joni Redlich. Joni is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, NDT certified and a Board-Certified Pediatric Certified Specialist. Kid PT employs the SMILE approach  (Sensory Motor Integration for Life and Education) to help children and their families meet and exceed their goals.

Please feel free to call Kid PT at 908 543 4390 or contact  us to request further information about our services.